KrabbitSoft throws players

in front of the train with
Gripping New Demo

December 23rd, 2009

Story driven Cut Scenes

Heated interactive battles

Graphic tip screens

Experience high level, uber equipped, custom Krabbits.

Today KrabbitSoft released KWO_AD, advanced new demo for KrabbitWorld Origins. As an apology to web response to the current beginner focused demo, gamers will be immersed in true excitement of the game. Be entranced as the camera takes control playing out dramatic events heralding each interactive segment. Witness Teella's dramatic transformation from the lovely high priestess to the ghastly eyeless fallen. Acquire the advantage in the heat of battle with newly learned combo tactics. Play each of six level 92 Krabbits adorned in flaming, poison or ice bracers as you defeat the evil arch nemesis throughout numerous scenes. In the final epic battle defeat all characters you played.

Of the game, a Player describes: “The game has one of the most insanely strategic combat systems I've ever seen in an RPG!”

Of the advanced demo, a Player relates: “It was cool to see what my characters can get and become!”

Coming Features Q1 2010:

  • Story driven cut scenes will be integrated throughout the game leading the player's adventures

  • KWO Advanced Demo will be integrated as an advanced tutorial for the seasoned gamer

  • Quick keys tips screens in demo will become accessible in game

Primary Coming Feature:

Party Play - Gather up to four party members consisting of both main and henchie Krabbits as you play through the quest stream. Experience your choice of six classes first hand, each with their unique powers and symbiotic weapon. Take control of individual party members at your discretion leaving the others to fight at your side or from a distance.

Gothic Alien Beauty of Krabbits Wallpapers:

Advanced demo background screens are now available as high resolution wallpapers; six hand painted portraits of custom Krabbits showing off their

Gothic alien beauty. This unique race comes into its own maturing as a

noteworthy IP bravely breaking the mold of same old same old.

KWO's extraordinary color engine gives gamers the means to create Gothic

beauties of their own.

Advanced Demo Preview Video

Features dramatic story driven cut scene samples & easy to follow


Previews depth of gameplay and game mechanics


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