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The travelling minstrel.


Aura Magic:
sonic shield

Combat Magic:
sonic blast & sonic boom


Krei's Realm of Origin is KrabbiWorld.

Krei Bard

KrabbitWorld / Bard / Good

Heroic, Charming, Loner

Krei is a real guitar hero wielding sonic powers and a huge Tetsubo.

His symbiotic living weapon is the powerful Jubal.

Formerly known as Father Krei he is a priest of the Ka-Ra Holy Order. He raised Kria and Teella as if they were his own. He taught them how to fight, how to forgive and emparted his great wisdom to them.

When Teella became High Priestess he was as proud as a father could be. Her fall from grace broke his heart and he left the Order to wander existence, telling tales wherever he goes.

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