Cleria Acolyte

2nd only to Teella High Priestess.


Aura Magic - Defensive:
energy shield, heal, resurrect

Aura Magic - Offensive:
hold, valkyrie's wrath, poison & dazzle

Combat Magic:
magic spear,


Cleria's Realm of Origin is The Realm of Eternal Light.
Cleria Acolyte

Realm of Eternal Light / Healer / Good

Humble, Kind, Heroic

With one foot in the land of the dead and the other in the land of the living, Cleria guards the gate between the two.

She is a very strong caster.

Her symbiotic living weapon is the mighty Gaia.

Cleria is 2nd in line to become High Priestess of the Ka-Ra Holy Order. She's strong and takes charge whenever the situation calls for it though sometimes without thinking. She will be the first on the battlefield, a formidable opponent and last to leave while she tends to the wounded.

As Acolyte her duty is to watch over the resurrection shrines throughout KrabbitWorld and the Land of the Dead. Should you fall in battle, she will be there to bring you back.

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