Player GUI

Here is a complete descriptive diagram of the Player Graphical User Interface.

At the bottom center of the screen you will see a row of buttons or slots.

Each slot has a number of F key on it.

If you press the corresponding key, whatever you have in that slot will get used.

You can customize what goes in these slots by clicking on the Golden Ka-Ra in the middle of the GUI.
When you click on the Ka-Ra, up pops a window of items you can equip in your slots.

Anything in gray means you're out of inventory.

If the spell is grayed out it means your SpellForge is out of charges.

See adding charges to your Spell Forge for more info.
Drag and drop whatever you want to equip over the slot you desire.
You can also equip slots by dragging inventory items over the slot.

If it is slottable it will appear in the slot.