Your Ka-Ra (SpellForge)

You can access your SpellForge by pressing K or if you're in your Adobe click on the SpellForge
(the Ka-Ra).

Up pops a window of all the Realm Krystals you currently have.

Click on each Realm Krystal to see if you have any spells under that Realm.

You can mouse over the spells in the window to see what they are.

To add a charge, click on the Realm and click the + to add charges or - to take charges away.

Charges are like ammo. Each time you cast a spell it takes 1 charge.

Krajules are the currency of KrabbitWorld and are also a source of power.

You can fill each Realm Krystal with krajules to add charges.

If you run out of charges your spell will become weak as if it was a level 10 spell (assuming you're higher then level).

***** Charges are only used by krabbits level 10 or higher *****