Frequently Asked Questions
Q:   Why do dialog boxes load blank sometimes?

A:   KrabbitWorld Origins requires an internet connection for streaming content to load. There may have been
      a temporary interruption.

Q:   I defeated the skeleton in the tutorial too soon and now the NPC won't talk to me, is this a bug?

A:   No. You simply must do exactly what he tells you before he will give you the next quest. This is for your
      benefit as he will teach you how to properly use the combo hud to increase damage and how to control
      a henchman to help you fight. You must complete one part correctly before moving on to the next.

Q:   Why do dropped items sometimes spawn below the terrain making it difficult or impossible to pick them up?

A:   This is due to your optimization settings. If your terrain is set on high this is less likely to occur.
      We are aware of this minor issue.

Q:   I can't seem to skip by the fly-through in the demo no matter which keys I press. Is this a bug?

A:   No. You must complete the fly-through each time in the demo. The battle scenes are different each time.
      You may skip the fly-through in the full version of KrabbitWorld Origins at any time by pressing any key.

Q:   My game froze when I was playing Kid Kria. What should I do?

A:   This is a known issue we are tracking down. It only happens randomly while in combat, blocking with
      Kid Kria. To guarantee this doesn't happen avoid blocking with Kid Kria during combat. Let Kid Teella
      defeat the mobs in the battle theatre while you heal and buff her and fight without blocking.
      It does not happen during the lesson with Father Krei, only during combat.

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