If you are a previous KWL (KrabbitWorld Labyrinth) owner
         and did not receive your free copy of KrabbitWorld Origins,
         please email us at kria at with your KWL
         serial number and we'll send you a free copy of KWO.


You can now Download & Play our first 3D game, KrabbitWorld Labyrinth, (2006) for FREE!

Warning.. This is NOT KrabbitWorld Origins. This the old KrabbitWorld Labyrinth released in 2006.
This was our first 3D title. We learned a lot, but it was not the vision we wanted to create.
Due to budget and time constraints we had to release KWL before it was really ready.
The technology chosen had hit the wall and would just not hold the vision we wanted.

Here is a featured article published on that talks about our journey and pitfalls.

As we had hit a dead end with the chosen technology and could no longer support it,
we do not feel right selling this product. However some people with older systems have enjoyed the demo
and have requested to buy KWL. So instead we've put it up for free for anyone who wishes to see our first 3D attempt.

This in NO way reflects our current project KrabbitWorld Origins

If you agree and know that there is no support for this product, feel free to download and play.

If your looking for something WAY more kewl and up to date, check out KrabbitWorld Origins.

Registration Key: KWLV10 060602000001

Windows Client

Mac OSX (PowerPC) Client

Linux Client

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